Stone Circle

The recumbent stone circle at Reanascreena, 'The ring of the shrine' is situated on the summit of a large hill about a kilometre SSW of the village. There is a low bank with a ditch surrounding the circle, but this is almost hidden from view, as the circle, as shown in the image above, stands in a tall reedy type of grass. I don't think the grass takes anything away from the circle but actually adds to the wonderful serene atmosphere here.

The circle consists of twelve stones with two flat topped portal stones about 1.5 metres high and a recumbent stone around 1/2 metre high, the portal stones are shown below with the recumbent and it's two flankers. The circle has a diameter of just over 9 metres similar to other circles in the region. At the centre of the circle is a small piece of quartz, also visible in the image below. It is a long uphill walk to the circle but your efforts are well rewarded. I will definitely visit again the next time I am in this locality.

Portal Stones

Situated: From Ross Carbery take the N71 west for 4 kilometres, after Connonagh bridge take a right turn, then take the first right, go 2 kilometres until there are two farmhouses on your left, between them is a long field. Walk to the top of this field into the next field. The circle stands in the northwest corner. The is an electrified fence so please ask at the house to the right.

Discovery Map 89: W 2636 4111. Last visit Sept 2006.

Longitude: 9° 3' 48" W

Latitude: 51° 37' 4" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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