Reeves Castle

Medieval Tower House

This possible 14th century tower house, appears quite compact at first sight, but it is actually four storeys high with a semi-circular stair tower projecting east from the southeast angle, see image left. The original doorway was in the south wall, but the castle is now entered from a modern doorway inserted in the east wall. The tower house is in a good state of preservation. An archway built onto the north wall may have provided access to a bawn. The present was very gracious in allowing us to take pictures of the outside of the property.

I have found it difficult to find information about the history of the castle, apparently it was ordered to be burned by the Lord Justice of Ireland in 1641. The tower house stands in Reeves townland. The name might have derived from a reference to the river Liffey in Norman-French, Rives. During the Anglo-Norman period a Reeve would be appointed to oversee the peasants duties on the Manor. The armorial plaque pictured below, is affixed to east wall of the ruined, 18th/19th century farmhouse attached to the south side of the tower house.

Situated: Near Ardclough, County Kildare, about 700 metres south of the river Liffey. As this is private property I am not providing GPS co-ordinates.


Discovery Map 50: Last visit Jan 2018.

Private Property

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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