Roscam Church


Medieval Church

The main purpose of our visit to Roscam was to see the round tower and the large bullaun stones in the graveyard. This late medieval church is situated about 40 metres south of the tower. To be honest there is nothing of real interest left at this ruined 22 metre long church. A large window has been robbed from the eastern gable and two more from the south wall. The north wall had two doorways, one of which led to a now missing sacristy. The church is situated inside a very large early ecclesiastical enclosure.

Situated: Inside a large enclosure between the Round Tower and the Graveyard.

Discovery Map 46: M 3428 2421. Last visit April 2012.

Longitude: 8° 59' 6" W

Latitude: 53° 15' 51" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

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