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Scattery Island

St Senan's Bed/Oratory

To the immediate west of St Senan's Church is a small oratory known as 'St Senan's Bed'. This is reputedly the burial place of the saint who died on the 8th March in the year 544. The oratory is 6.6 metres in length and 3.4 metres wide. The entrance, pictured right, in the south wall is blocked by a metal bar which some believe was put there to remind women not to enter, as according to folklore those who enter will become barren.

Stones from St Senan's bed were believed to give protection against disease and drowning, local sailors would bring them on board their ship. The 8th of March became a day of pilgrimage to the Island. Pictured below L to R; St Senan's Church, St Senan's Bed, Ogham stone, the Cathedral and the round tower. The cross slab is in the middle foreground.

Situated: On Scattery Island. Boats sail to the Island from Kilrush Marina during the summer period.

Discovery Map 63: Q 9721 5265. Last visit July 2014.

Longitude: 9° 31' 4" W

Latitude: 52° 36' 56" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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