St Brigid's Church and Raffony Graveyard

On our way to St Brigid's holy well, we visited the old graveyard at Raffony. Located within the graveyard are the low foundations of St Brigid's drystone-built church. The graveyard is situated within the remains a much larger ecclesiastic enclosure. A low bank and evidence of a shallow fosse can be seen on aerial maps in the field to the south. There are a few early eighteenth century grave markers scattered around the graveyard, some earlier than the one's pictured below.

Hugh Daly ?

Bryan and Rose Malan, d.1742

Situated: From Virginia in Cavan, take the R178 northeast to Bailieborough. After about 3 Kilometers take a right turn, signposted for St Brigid's Well.

Discovery Map 35: N 6273 8927. Last visit Mar 2019.

Longitude: 7° 2' 48" W

Latitude: 53° 50' 57" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey and José Gutiérrez.

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