St Brigid's holy well

The holy well is situated along a narrow public park, that runs along the southside of the River Liffey. The spring well was full of twigs and leaves during my visit, which is surprising at it was only two weeks after St Brigid's Day. I cleaned a lot of them out before taking the photos. According to Fitzgerald in 1899-1902 it was named as St Moling's Well, but in 1979-80 Jackson attributed it to St Brigid. In 2007 a plaque featuring St Brigid feeding the poor was erected at the well, by the local community.

Brigid's Cross

Modern Plaque

Situated: From Kilcullen take the New Abbey Road (R413). After 200 metres there is enough room, at a sharp bend, to park your car next to a park entrance. The well is to the left after you enter the park.

Discovery Map 55: N 8420 0949. Last visit Feb 2018.

Longitude: 6° 44' 31" W

Latitude: 53° 7' 46" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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