St Columba's Chair

The journey from station 6 to Tobar Cholm Cille, station 7 brings you up passed this large rock. The rock is known as St Columba's chair. This is where the saint would sit and rest or meditate whilst enjoying wonderful extensive views of the valley. On our visit a Turas sign stood right next to the chair, identifying this as station 6, this is wrong, this rock is not a station of the Turas. Station 6 is an earthfast boulder with incised cross South East of Station 5.

Map of Turas Stations

Situated: From Station 2 on the map head west towards Station 3, at the fork in the road below 3 take the left fork and drive to the farm at the end, just above Stations 4, 5, and 6. Go through the gate on your left. Walk diagonally right up the hill away from the track. Follow the sign for St Colmcille's well.


Discovery Map 10. 524 862. Last visit June 2010.

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey


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