Burgage More

High Crosses and Hollywood Graveslabs

The High cross at Blessington Village Cemetery is known as St Mark's Cross, up until the nineteenth century, it was named St Boaithin's cross. The tall, 4.3 metre high, blue-gray granite cross was moved to its present location from Burgage More, where it was in danger of being submerged during flooding of the Liffey Valley, for a hydroelectric power scheme. The cross has an imperforate ring and the only decoration is a single boss on the east and west faces. The boss being at the centre of the head represents Christ at the centre of the universe, the sun disc or outer ring, represents the universe and in this instance is dominated by the cross.

It is similar to the high cross at nearby Ballymore Eustace, in that it has a boss in the centre and an imperforate ring, but at Ballymore Eustace the cross is dominated by the ring. On the base of the cross is a weathered inscription believed to be in old Irish.

Also present in the cemetery are the head an base of another granite high cross, pictured right, and two Hollywood graveslabs, pictured below. The cross head has an unpierced ring and one of the arms has been broken. I believe this cross also came from Burgage More, close to St Mark's church. There are a whole series of granite crosses with unpierced/imperforate rings to be found throughout the east coast. Other examples include, Aghowle in Wicklow, Clonmore and Nurney in Carlow and three superb examples at Ferns in County Wexford.


Discovery Map 56: N 9755 1332.

Longitude: 6° 32' 29" W St Mark's Cross.

Latitude: 53° 9' 41" N

Hollywood Graveslabs

Three are two 13th century graveslabs present in the cemetery at Burgage More. They were also moved to here from the old graveyard at Burgage. The most impressive recumbent graveslab, pictured above, is now standing upright against the NW perimeter wall. It is 1.68 metres long X 75 cm wide and tapers towards the base. Incised on the slab is a maltese cross within a double circle, the shaft extends toward the base and terminates in a small cross. It is one of the best examples of this type of slab I have seen. The other Hollywood slab, pictured below, stands in the centre of the cemetery just inside the south west quadrant. It is badly weathered and bears a cross and shaft, but these are barely visible in the mid-day sun. Click here to see a list of Hollywood graveslabs to be found on this website.

Situated: From Blessington head south on the N81, take a left turn at the roundabout and go to the end of this road. then take a right. The cemetery is on your right as you head south.


Discovery Map 56: N9764 1347. Last visit May 2019.

Longitude: 6° 32' 24" W Large graveslab

Latitude: 53° 9' 46" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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