Residential tower


St Patrick's Medieval Church

We had not planned to visit the medieval church in Straffan, but as we were passing through the village, after a visit to Barberstown Castle, we decided to take a quick wander around. We entered the graveyard through the old entrance, the first glimpse did not look very promising. This part of the graveyard is badly neglected and the church itself is in a somewhat ruinous state. Dedicated to St Patrick, the mid 13th century church, is comprised of a nave and chancel with a four storey residential tower at the west end. According to records it was incorporated into the Hospital of St John in c.1250, and was still in good repair in 1650. The north wall and the eastern section of the south wall, pictured above, are rebuilt. Apart from some nice ogee headed windows and the double bellcote, on the east wall of the tower, there are very few architectural features present. This site is greatly in need of attention, maybe the local community could seek help through The Heritage Council's, Adopt a Monument scheme

Situated: St Patrick's Church is in the centre of Straffan Village. Access is through the Lynchgate, on the main road through the village, or via the old gate on the road next to the Church of Ireland.

Discovery Map 50: N 9259 2991. Last visit Jan 2018.

Longitude:  6° 36' 38" W

Latitude:  53° 18' 41" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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