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St Vogue's Church

This early Christian site is situated in St Vogues townland, in the southeast corner of Ireland. There is no other reference to a St Vogue. It is thought he may also be known as St Beac from Breton, who had Irish connections. Another plausible theory suggests Vogue may be a local name for St Feichin (aka Mo-ecca) of Fore. Mo-ecca's feast day is 20th January, the same day as patterns were held at St Vogue's well, near the church. During excavations remains of an early wooden oratory were discovered. All that remains today is the ruin of a medieval stone church and the site of a holy well. St Vogue’s stone with a tau-shaped cross inscribed on it, is said to lie on the foreshore, but I was unable locate it.

Situated: Located on the southern end of a wind-farm at Carne. Park here, Lat-52.18315, Long-6.35859, and walk south along the coastal track. The site is on private land.

Discovery Map 77: T 1201 0406. Last visit Aug 2015.

Longitude: 6° 21' 45" W

Latitude: 52° 10' 37" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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