Tara Hill Heritage Trail

Site 1

Kilcavan Cemetery

One set of graves in particular catches the eye is the graves of the McDonald Brothers, Bryan, Patrick, and James, who were from nearby Clone in Castletown. All three brothers lost their lives during the rebellion of 1798. Partick was wounded at the Battle of Arklow but was later captured and hanged for being a rebel. Bryan had been part of the Castletown yeoman cavalry but both he and James were taken up and shot in reprisal by Crown Forces.

Site 2

Water Spout






Site 3

St Winifreds Holy Well


Site 4

Kilcavan Upper Rath







Site 5 Bronze Age

Standing Stone

Kilcavan Upper standing stone.






Site 8

Tobercavan/St Kevin's Holy Well

The well is named after St. Caomhán Santleathan of Ardcavan. St Caomhán founded an early church on the north shore of Wexford Harbour. Santleathan may mean 'wide saint'. Through his mother, Caoimgheall, he was a half-brother of Caoimhghin of Glendalough. (Ó Riain 2011, 157) The well is described as a cleft in a rock outcrop which collects water from a rock overhang. According to John O'Donavan c.1840 a pattern took place here at one time.

Site 10: View south from flat rock. One of the many scenic view points along the trail. Sndycove is on the left, with Ballymoney Caravan Park next right and Seafield Hotel and Tara Glen upper centre. In the upper right you can see Courtown Harbour and in the distance Ardamine.

Site 11

Famine Cottages site





Site 12

Ancient Well






Site 13: Hut site