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Standing Stone

After we visited St Attracta's Well in Clogher, we decided to visit this standing stone 200 metres towards Monasteraden in the oddly named Tawnymucklagh (Field of the piggeries) townland. The map also indicates a cairn in the field. Surprisingly the field was too wet to approach the stone, so we had to take these images from the road. The stone is triangular in shape and stands at 1.3 metres in height and at the base approximately 1.5 metres wide. To the east of the monolith there is a thorn tree with a small group of stones beneath it that may be the cairn.

Situated: From Monasteraden head south west towards Edmondstown. The stone is situated in the field at the second left turn.

Discovery Map 32: M 6685 9894. Last visit Dec 2011.

Longitude:   8° 30' 17" W

Latitude:   53° 56' 20" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

Stone  and Cairn

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