Temple Douglas

Tulach Dubhghlaise, Mound of the Dark Stream

A Tulach or burial mound was constructed in ancient Ireland to connect between the the living and the other world. Tulach Dubhghlaise, Mound of the Dark Stream, is famous for being the place where Colmcille was baptized. It is believed he was baptized by Saint Crunathan who is recorded to be his foster father and teacher. Colmcille was born not far from here at the monastic site at Gartan. Also present in the graveyard at Temple Douglas is a 16th century medieval church rebuilt by Manus O'Donnell on the location of an even earlier church.

The most interesting feature of the church is the window which is unique in Donegal. In the north eastern corner of the graveyard is the ruins of the Abbots house which was much earlier than the church. A turas used to take place here and the stations were, the cairns at the abbot's house, Tobar Douglas holy well near the graveyard, Tobar na Suil which is on Cnocatee, and Colmcille's Footsteps, said to be the area where he took his first steps. Although this site may not be the most attractive visually, it is historically significant for those studying the life of Colmcille.

Temple Douglas, 16th century medieval church

Situated: From Gartan head south through Church Hill. After here drive for 3 kilometres and take the second left sign-posted cemetery. Drive through the crossroads and take the next left up to the graveyard.

Discovery Map 6: C 0900 1336. Last visit April 2010.

Longitude: 7° 51' 34" W

Latitude: 54° 58' 4" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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