The most westerly of the churches at Glendalough is Temple-na-Skellig. It is situated on a small shelf on the southside of the upper lake. The single celled church, which was partly reconstructed in the 12th century, is accessible by boat or by climbing down the steep cliffs of Lugduff Mountain -not recommended. I believe there is a twin-light window in the east gable of the church similar to the one at St Saviour's. To the west of the Church is a platform where excavations revealed evidence of wattle huts connected by paved pathways. The easiest way to view the church is to walk about 350 metres along the northern shore towards the abandoned mining village, scanning the south shore for the church and St Kevin's Bed.

The Church

About 40 metres east of the church and 10 metres above the lake is a small rock-cut cave known as St Kevin's Bed. It is traditionally believed St Kevin slept here during times of meditation and prayer. The cave was certainly here before St Kevin's time and may have been an opening to a mine, there is evidence of a second opening below this one. To locate the cave look for the large fissure in the rock east of the church.

Situated: On the southern shore of the upper lake.

Discovery Map 56: T 1042 9606. Last Visited Sept 2013.

Longitude: 6° 21' 18 " W.

Latitude: 53° 0' 14 " N.

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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