Doorway in the west wall


Boat-shaped Oratory

Templecashel is one of about twenty 'Boat-shaped' oratories to be found in Ireland. The finest example, can be found at Gallarus on the Dingle peninsula. Like most other examples of this type of oratory, the one here at Ballynabloun is missing the roof. Over the years the roofs tended to sag which led to there eventual collapse. Like the oratory at Ballymorereagh it is standing on an artificial terrace. We were unable to get a closer inspection, a large group of bullocks had moved onto the terrace before we reached the site. From the images, it appears longer flatter stones were used in the construction, compared to all the other examples I have seen.

View of Templecashel, bottom left, from the upper road, with St Finan's Bay in the background.

Situated: A bit tricky. On the eastern site of Coumaneaspig. Head up the hill from St Finan's Bay. Go straight on down a small road, at the sharp right bend. Permission can be gained from Templecashel House, about 500 metres up this narrow road.

Discovery Map 83: V 3688 6881. Last visit June 2018.

Longitude: 10° 22' 3" W

Latitude: 51° 50' 52" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

From the west.

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