Tintern Church

About 300 metres southeast of Tintern Abbey stands the Parish Church of Tintern. Following a decree passed in 1380 lay people were not allowed within the precincts of a monastery. This single cell 16th century lay chapel is known as a Capella-ante-portas (Church outside the gates). The only entrance to the church is the round headed doorway with hood moulding, pictured below. It is located at the west end of the north wall. There is a triple lancet window in the east gable and a two light window in the west gable. A double bellcote was added as an extension to the northside of the west gable at a later date. Within the church there are several interesting 17th century memorial slabs. e

West gable

The hooded entrance

From outside the north wall of the graveyard

Heer Lieth the body of Syr Anthony Colclovghe Knight eldest svne of Richard Colclovghe of Wolstanton in Stafford shire Esqvier who came first into this land the 34 yeer of Henry the 8 and then was captayn of the penshioners in wich place and others of greater charg he continued a most faythfvl serviter dvring the life of Edward the VI and Qveen Mary and vntil the XXVI yer of ovr most noble Quen Elizabth and then died the IX of December 1584 He left by his wife Clare Agare Dowghter of Thomas Agare Esqvier 7 sonns Fravnces Ratlife Anthony syr Thomas ColClovgh Knight Ihon Mathew Lenard and 5 doghters Iacnet was maried to Nichlas Walshe Esqvier of the Privie Covnsayle and on of the Ivtise of the Kings Bench in Irlaid Fravnc maried to William Smethwike of Smethwik in Chesier Mari maried to Ihon Cots of Wodcote in Shrorshier Esqvier Clare maried to William Snead of Brodwal in Staferd shier Esqvier Elinor died Ivnge.

Attached to the inner face of south wall of the church is a wall monument. The plaque, shown above, is incised with an inscription, shown left, commemorating Anthony Colclough.

Situated: See Tintern Abbey. The Church is up the road at the east end of the bridge that lies to the south of the abbey.

Discovery Map 76: S 7963 0991. Last visit Apr 2015.

Longitude: 6° 50' 3" W

Latitude: 52° 14' 7" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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