Portal Tomb

The picturesque portal tomb at Tirnony stands in a small grove at the side of the road nestled around a tree. The locals have cleaned up around the tomb and have even provided a bench. The tomb takes on a new appearance as you move around it. From the front it looks as though it has had one too many.

Resting on three of the six orthostats the capstone has slipped a little. What makes this tomb special from other portal tombs is the free standing orthostat next to one of the portal stones pictured above, which may suggest a forecourt which may in turn suggest a progression from the court tombs. There are a number of other interesting sites in this locality, an example being the sweathouse at Tirkane.

Situated: From Maghera, County Derry take the road to Killelagh Church, then take the second right (sign-posted). The Tomb is 150 metres down this road on your right.

Discoverer Map 8: C 8398 0173. Last visit July 2006.

Longitude: 6° 41' 32" W

Latitude: 54° 51' 23" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

11th June 2010. I received an email recently from Lisa Dunne conncerning this portal tomb. On a recent visit to the tomb Lisa had found to her dismay that the portal tomb had been knocked down. I will try to find more information about what caused the damage. Thanks to Lisa for allowing us to use her image. Apparently the some of the supporting side stones had cracked and the capstone slipped.

Since October 2010 excavations have been taking place at Tirnony. The NIEA have set up a blog of the excavations.


Photo: Lisa Dunne.

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