King John's Castle

When the Normans founded the town of Trim on the banks of the Boyne river, one of the first things they erected was a motte with a wooden tower. Starting around 1176 Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter constructed the stone castle over a thirty year period, the Keep pictured below, built on the site of the old wooden tower, has walls 11 feet thick, there are smaller towers projecting from each of the walls, but these may be a later addition. The Keep was protected by a ditch a curtain wall and a moat.

Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

On the southern side of the curtain wall are five D-shaped towers and also a round tower with a barbican, pictured above, this spanned the moat that once surrounded this great fortress. At the south western end of the wall is a square tower with a gateway that once had a portcullis on its western side, this is now the main entrance to the bailey. The castle featured in the movie Braveheart and since then the keep has been repaired and is now open to the public by guided tour only.

Situated: In the centre of Trim, County Meath.

Discovery Map 42: N 8019 5673. Last visit July 2010.

Longitude: 6° 47' 23" W

Latitude: 53° 33' 16" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey.


The Yellow Steeple

There are many other medieval remains in Trim, amongst them is the last remaining part of the town walls 'the Sheep Gate' which is on the opposite side of the river from the castle. Also on this side of the river is the Yellow Steeple, pictured right a tall tower that was part of an Augustinian Abbey, St Mary's. These two sites can be viewed from the castle and access to them is via the new millennium bridge that spans the river Boyne. Further downstream at Newtown Trim are more medieval remains including the St Johns Priory. I hope to add pictures of these remains soon.

Heritage card accepted.

Google Map.

Discovery Map 42: N 8032 5683. Last visit Jul 2012.

The Yellow Steeple

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