Tower House

After the dissolution of the monasteries in the mid 16th century the Priory at Tulsk ceased to be a religious house. In 1595 the acting governor of Connacht, Sir Richard Bingham, built a tower house in the chancel of the Priory. The tower survives to three storeys on the west side with fragmentary walls on the north and south sides. A fireplace can be seen on the third storey of the west wall. There was a doorway at ground level, in the north wall, pictured right. The upper floors were accessed via a spiral stairs in the NW angle. The tower housed a small English garrison of eight, before it was demolished by Sir Charles Lane in 1651.

North wall

Situated: In the centre on the town on the west side of the N5.

Discovery Map 33: M 8327 8101. Last visit June 2017.

Longitude: 8° 15' 14" W

Latitude: 53° 46' 42" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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