Wicklow Abbey

13th century Franciscan Abbey

The Franciscan Abbey in Wicklow Town is beautifully situated on the landscaped gardens of the present Parochial House. There is minimal information about the abbey in historical records. We know it was built in the 13th century and was seized, during the dissolution of the monasteries, in the middle of the 16th century. It was used as an armoury and a courthouse during this period, before falling into ruin by the 17th century. All that remains today is the south transept, minus the west wall, and a large section of the north wall of the nave. There is a nice three-light window in the south gable of the transept and a large round arch in the east wall. This is a really gorgeous location, well worth a visit.

The two arches in the transepts east wall

South gable

The south transept from the west.

Situated: The abbey is located in the centre of the town, on the north side of the R750, opposite the Grand Hotel.

Discovery Map 56: T 3120 9405. Last Visited Apr 2017.

Longitude: 6° 2' 47" W

Latitude: 52° 58' 52" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

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