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Church and Effigial Tomb

The parish church of Cruicetown stands within a sub circular graveyard 80metres southwest of Cruicetown Motte. Between them are the scant remains of a medieval settlement. The 12th century nave and chancel church was in ruins by 1641. Although most of the walls are complete, there are very few features surviving in situ. A few of the remaining features are grouped together in a corner of the nave. These include the sandstone font, seen in the centre of the image below. In a niche in the south wall of the chancel is an interesting tomb chest, pictured below, dedicated to the memory of Walter and Elizabeth Cruise.

Tomb niche on the left

Sandstone font and architectural fragments

The cover of the tomb chest depicts a double effigy of Walter Cruise and his wife Elizabeth. A wall plaque set into the wall above the chest, bears the Heraldic symbols of the Cruise and Dalton families in the upper plaque and has the following inscription in Roman letters on the lower part. CRUX BONA CRUX DIGNA CRUX / CONTRA OMNIA MALGINA / HERE VNDERNEATH / ARE INTERRED THE BODIS / OF WALTER CRUISE GRAND / CHILD TO CHRISTOPHER / CRVISE OF THE NAALE CR / VISETOWN NO.. OR EXQVIRE W / HO DYED THE 11TH OF APRILL / 1663 AND ELIZABETH CRUIS / E HIS WIFE DAVGHTER TO / GERRALD CRVISE OF BRIT / (on the left stone) WHOSE ELDEST SON PATRI /CKE CRVISE CAVSED THIS / TOMBE TO BE ERECTED AS / A MONVMENT OF ANTIQVITY / FOR HIMSELFE HIS WIFE CAT / HERINE DALTON AND THEI / RE POSTERITY FOR EVER / ANNO D. 1688 AND IN THE / 4TH YEARE OF THE REIG / NE OF THE MOST ILLVST / RIOVS PRINCE OVR GRACI / OVS KING JAMES THE / SECOND (on the right stone). Elizabeth was the daughter of Gerald Cruise of Brittas. Her son Patrick had this memorial erected.

Double effigy

Cruise and Dalton Coat of Arms

Situated: The church is situated in a walled graveyard, about 80 metres south-west of Cuicetown motte.

Discovery Map 35. N 7947 8455. Last visit Apr 2017.

Longitude: 6° 47' 37" W

Latitude: 53° 48' 16" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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