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Court Tombs (38)

Aghanaglack Fermanagh

Aghnaskeagh Louth

Ally Tyrone

Annaghmare Armagh

Ballybriest Derry

Ballymacaldrack Antrim

Ballymacdermot Armagh

Bunduff Sligo

Burren Down

Carnanbane Derry

Carricknamoghil Donegal

Cartronplank Sligo

Cashel Mayo

Cleggan Galway

Cloghanmore Donegal

Cloghmore Tyrone

Clontygora Armagh

Cohaw Cavan

Craigs Antrim

Creevykeel Sligo

Creggandevesky Tyrone

Dunnaman Down

Edergole Monaghan

Farranmacbride Donegal

Gartnanoul Cavan


Keel East Mayo

Kilclooney More Donegal

Killaspugbrone Sligo

Knockoneill Derry

Loughmacrory Tyrone

Magheraghanrush Sligo

Moytirra East Sligo

Rathlackan Mayo

Shalwy Donegal

Straid Donegal

Streedagh Sligo

Tullyskeherny (2) Leitrim


Portal Tombs (60)

Portal Tombs are probably the most dramatic and easiest of the Irish Tombs to identify. They are a direct development from the earlier Court Tomb. They usually consist of two tall matched upright stones known as Portal Stones, two side stones and a low back stone. These formed a single rectangular chamber which was topped with a large capstone(s). The Portal stones were deliberately taller than the back stone so that the top or underside of the capstone would form a certain angle. In some cases chocking-stones were placed between the capstone and the back stone to achieve the desired angle. At many of the tombs a door stone was placed between the portal stones. The chamber was normally built at one end of a long cairn. This type of tomb dates to the Neolithic Period from 3800 to 3200 BCE.


Aghawee Cavan

Aghmakane Armagh

Aghnacliff Longford

Aghnaskeagh Louth

Ahaglaslin Cork

Altdrumman Tyrone

Annadorn Down

Annaghmore Leitrim

Athenree Tyrone

Ballina Mayo

Ballybrack Dublin

Ballykeel Armagh

Ballymore Lower Donegal

Ballynageeragh Waterford

Ballyquin Waterford


Brittas Wicklow

Broomfields Wicklow

Burren Cavan

Carrickglass Sligo

Cleenrah Longford

Clonlum South Armagh

Cloonlooaun Galway

Cunard Dublin

Drumanone Roscommon

Drumhawnagh Cavan

Dunhill Waterford

Garran Monaghan

Gaulstown Waterford

Glenroan Tyrone

Gortnavern Donegal

Goward Down

Greengraves Down

Haroldstown Carlow

Howth Dublin

Kernanstown (Brownshill) Carlow

Kilclooney More Donegal

Kilfeaghan Down

Kilgraney Carlow

Kilkeel Down

Kilmogue Kilkenny

Kiltiernan Dublin

Knockanyconor Roscommon

Knockeen Waterford

Larch Hill Dublin

Leagun Galway

Legananny Dublin

Lennan Monaghan

Loughscur Leitrim

Malin More Donegal

Malin More 6 Donegal

Mihanboy Roscommon

Newbawn Wexford

Newmarket Kilkenny

Owning Kilkenny

Poulnabrone Clare

Proleek Louth

The Calf House Cavan

Tirnony Derry

Wateresk Down

Passage Tombs

Knocknarea Queen Medb Sligo

Knocknarea North Sligo

Knocknarea South Sligo

Knockroe Kilkenny

Knowth Meath

Knowth Sat 15 Meath

Loughcrew Cairn D Meath

Loughcrew Cairn H Meath

Loughcrew Cairn I Meath

Loughcrew Cairn J Meath

Loughcrew Cairn K Meath

Loughcrew Cairn L Meath

Loughcrew Cairn S Meath

Loughcrew Cairn T Meath

Loughcrew Cairn U Meath

Loughcrew Cairn V Meath

Magheracar Donegal

Matthewstown Waterford

Newgrange Meath

Scregg Roscommon

Slieve Gullion Armagh

Townleyhall Louth

Wedge Tombs (37)

Altar Cork

Ardnagreevagh Galway

Aughrim Cavan

Ballybriest Derry

Ballyedmonduff Dublin

Ballyganner South Clare

Ballyhoneen Kerry

Baur North Clare

Baur South Clare

Breastagh Mayo

Burren Cavan

Cabragh Sligo


Caherard Kerry

Carrowcrom Mayo

Cool East Kerry

Coom Kerry

Creevagh Clare

Doonmanagh Kerry

Dunnamore Tyrone

Gleninsheen Clare

Glenroan Tyrone

Island Cork

Kilmackowen Cork

Kilmashogue Dublin

Labbacallee Cork

Lisnadarragh Monaghan

Loughgur Limerick

Loughmacrory Tyrone

Maumnahaltora Kerry

Minard West Kerry

Paddock Louth

Parknabinnia Clare

Proleek Louth

Rathfranpark Mayo

Srahwee Mayo

Streedagh Sligo

Tullygobban Hill Cavan


Stone Circles

Castleruddery Wicklow

Cloghboola Beg Cork

Cregganconroe Tyrone

Dereenataggart West Cork

Derrynafinchin Cork

Dromagorteen Kerry

Drombeg Cork

Dromod Kerry

Drumskinny Fermanagh

Dun Ruadh Tyrone

Glebe East Mayo

Glebe North Mayo

Glebe South Mayo

Glebe West Mayo

Grange Lios Limerick

Standing Stones (80)

Aghascreabagh Tyrone

Ardamore Kerry

Ardristan Carlow

Ballard Armagh

Ballyboher Wexford

Ballyellin and Tomdarragh Carlow

Ballyloughlin Down

Ballymoat Waterford

Ballynarry Antrim

Ballyquin Waterford

Ballywiheen Kerry

Balrothery Dublin

Banagher Mayo

Banoge Wexford

Barnmeen Down

Barryshall Cork

Brackloon Kerry

Burgatia Cork

Callahy Clare

Castletimon Wicklow

Castletown Antrim

Castletown Kilkieran, Kilkenny

Clochafarmore Louth

Cooradarrigan Cork

Craans Carlow

Craddockstown West Kildare

Croghan Middle (N) Wexford

Croghan Middle (S) Wexford

Daithi's Stone Roscommon

Darrara Cork

Donaghpatrick Meath

Doon 1 Sligo

Doon 2 Sligo

Dromagorteen Kerry

Dungiven Derry

Eardownes Great Wexford

Foghill Mayo

Gibbet Hill Waterford

Glebe Edermine, Wexford

Glebe Monamolin, Wexford

Glen William Waterford

Glencullen Dublin

Gorey Wexford

Graigue Kerry

Hill of Tara Meath

Hilltown Wexford

Kilcavan Upper Wexford

Kilcorkey Roscommon

Killadangan N Mayo

Killadangan S Mayo

Killadangan W Mayo

Killadeas Fermanagh

Kilmacanoge Wicklow


Kilshannig Kerry

Kilvickadownig (2) Kerry

Kings Mountain Meath

Knappoge Clare

Knockaneroe Cork

Labbamolaga Middle Cork

Lecarrowkilleen Mayo

Letterdeen Galway

Loginsherd Wexford

Malin More Donegal

Misgaun Medb Roscommon

Mullaghmast Kildare

Murrisk Demesne (1) Mayo

Murrisk Demesne (2) Mayo

Owenea Donegal

Porterstown Westmeath

Powersknock Waterford

Punchestown Kildare

Raheen Dublin

Rathealy Kilkenny

Rathgeran E Carlow

Rathgeran W Carlow

Tawnymucklagh Sligo

The Milestone Kerry

The Stone of the Tree Limerick

Whitfield North Waterford


Stone Rows/Alignments

Ardamore Kerry

Baltray Louth

Barnes Lower Donegal

Cloonsharragh Kerry

Dromkeare Kerry

Eightercua Kerry

Glantane East Cork

Goles Tyrone

Gortnagulla Kerry

Gurranes Cork

Killadangan Mayo

Knockboy Waterford

Shantemon Cavan

The Nine Stones Carlow

Whitechurch Wexford

Stone Pairs

Ballineanig-Castle quarter Kerry

Barryshall Cork

Boherboy Dublin

Cotts Wexford

Cross Mayo

Drummin Roscommon

Killadangan Mayo

Kimego East Kerry

Milltown Kerry

Saval More Down



Rock Art/Passage Tomb Art

Aghacarrible Kerry

Ardamore Kerry

Ballinkillin Carlow

Ballystokes Down

Baltynanima Wicklow

Barnes Lower Donegal

Bobsville Meath

Brackloon Kerry

Clonfinlough Stone Offaly

Dowth Meath

Fourknocks Meath

Hill of Tara Meath

Kinard Kerry

Knockroe Kilkenny

Knowth Meath

Lougher Kerry

Loughcrew Meath


Kinard East Kerry

Kings Mountain Meath

Knockdrum Cork

Knockroe Carlow

Lacknacoo Donegal

Milltown Kerry

Newgrange Meath

Preban Wicklow

Reyfad Fermanagh

Cult Stones
Castlestrange Roscommon Killycluggin Stone Cavan Turoe Stone Galway